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The Man Behind the Mission

Deepak’s the Inspiration a name synonymous to the world for transforming lives. Deepak’s experience of over 20 years in Transforming lives of people, with varied behaviour from the age bracket 7 to 70 years made him a phenomenon in the field of Human Development. Very few people in this world have accomplished this at an age like his.

His prowess lies in his ability to inspire and lift people to great heights in small time frames and help them achieve what they never thought they could. Unlike other coaches, Deepak’s programs are more like rock concerts, where not only his wisdom enlightens but is also is uniquely entertaining. His teachings are raw, and are delivered straight from the heart, which goes straight into the listeners’ hearts. His profound knowledge on human nature and people behaviour, allows him to talk on any subject of life with absolute clarity and simplicity, ensuring that any individual with least IQ, can also follow and understand the same with similar effectiveness.

With his abilities to connect with individuals and groups on life with absolute dynamism, Dr. Deepak effortlessly conducts Training Programs & Workshops on  Money-Making, Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Brand Building with equal panache and ease. He guides and mentors a number of business and social leaders across the country, every single day, helping them transform their work spaces .

Dr. Deepak has conducted over a 100 holistic lifestyle courses, public programs with an attendance of few thousands in each program (the highest being 6000),various business related programs creating new brands and a number of millionaires in the process. Dr. Deepak conducts a number of honourary programs for schools and teachers across India – around 10000 teachers have attended his Teacher Motivational Programs and lakhs of people across India are benefitting in one way or the other. Last year alone, he has touched 35000 lives, executed 57 Public Programs, and started 16 Life -Changing initiatives under Deepaktheinspiration Pvt Ltd. Numbers are possibly the smallest measure of the lives Deepak has touched.

Dr. Deepak strongly believes in the philosophy of High Living & Simple Thinking. He has adapted the values of the generations that have gone by and moulded them to the lifestyle dreams of every individual today. His teachings begin with the way he leads his own life.

He believes that whatever he does should create personal good as well as a larger good. One such simple example is that of his personal fitness which he transformed into FitSpirit, helping hundreds of individuals daily to be healthy and fit.

Dr. Deepak also conceived, conceptualized and executed – a very unique family pub TRANZ, to celebrate goodness in the world. The space was dedicated to people with good habits to enjoy and entertain, while promoting an environment free of non-vegetarian food, alcohol and smoking. The place designed for pure and clean family entertainment today has a footfall of over thousands every month.  Friends and family, irrespective of age and gender, come to celebrate life and goodness, their way..

In a leap of faith, Deepak’s biggest and latest initiative took birth: The Kingdom College, again a unique and complete PU college, which assures to create strong, integrated and complete students, who are ready not only for a successful career in academics and work but also get moulded to lead a holistic life, that is in sync with their values, dreams and aspirations. He envisions that in next 6 years, The Kingdom College will have its impressions all over India, with 40 colleges creating close to 40000 students as intense and powerful personalities every year.

Message From Chairman

We at Kingdom College have taken up this cause along with developing the child academically to build his IQ, we work personally with the children and develop them strongly in their EQ (Emotional Quotient). We all grew with lot of emotional deprivations like self complexes, lack of confidence, clarity, emotional supports and many more. Most of us still have that vacuum and we are still lost. How wonderful it would be if these children don’t have go through all this from this age onwards. They grow up as complete person ready to face the world and their future with utmost confidence and clarity. Our website/ Brochure will give complete idea about what all a child can get in The Kingdom College.

I have personally worked with people from the age bracket of 7-70yrs for last 16yrs relentlessly. With just inputs of few months would change their lives downside up for good and for a lifetime. Mere thought that what would happen to these young adults when they study in The Kingdom college for two years brings excitement. We add value to them and they in turn will be made to add value to our country! Not big promises but a strong conviction that The Kingdom college not only groom them for academical brilliance but also will gift a good and growing human being.

I personally understand what to be a parent of a teenager. I have one.

Dear parents, till the age of 14/15yrs mother and father groom children then they need to hand over their children to a coach, mentor, guide, Guru. Only they can help. Vedas prescribe “Mata-Pita-Guru-Devam”. You played your part. Handover them to a right coach.

Looking forward at The Kingdom college to play a part in the future of this country…these young adolescents!!!

                                                                                         My best wishes and prayers!!!

                                                                                                                   Deepak Shinde.

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