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The world is not changing anymore; the world has already changed and the change has been dramatic.

The gramophone ruled the world for 70-75 years. Then came, cassettes which dominated for 50 years. Then the audio CD for 10 years, DVD’s for 3-4 years. After that was the pen drive.

The speed of change is fast but the education system has been taking its own time to keep pace with what the world requires. In today’s education, we study 11th – 12th or PU for 2 years and then a degree for either 3 or 4 years. By the time we complete graduation in the next 5 to 6 years and get your degree, what is the guarantee that whatever we have learned is what the world needs then?

So what’s the solution for this???

Before that, let us dive into some harsh realities of today’s market

Do you want to know the reality of today’s market?

It’s really saddening!

93% of MBA Post Graduates do not get jobs.

Today knowledge has lost its value because it is available almost free. There is one thing that companies are looking for over just Knowledge.

76% of Indian students are unemployable!

The latest mantra is SKILLS that gives you the edge

To become successful you need SKILLS loaded with Attitude and Knowledge.

Today’s market needs skilled people to work in their organization and the organization is willing to pay handsomely for it.

So what are those required skills?

1. Technicals kills
2. Management skills
3. Leadership skills

1. Technical Skills
These are the abilities that a person possesses to get a certain task or job done. Technical Skills can vary in type. The skills that are in need right now are Digital Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design and more

2. Management Skills
If the person who is trained in technical skills falls short of the required management skills, then he will remain as an employee under a manager or a team leader. Management Skills such as Communication, Presentation, Negotiation and more puts the person in the limelight to get noticed and eventually would move up the corporate ladder. Always remember – Minimum Efforts and Maximum Results.

3. Leadership Skills.
The most important skill which no institution provides any training on, is on ‘Leadership’. Probably the most critical skill is to be an effective leader. As more and more people look to start their own companies there exists a gap in being an effective leader that has seen a huge closure of startups in this country. Skills such as Delegation, Team Building, Business Communication and more provide the perfect base on which a leader can grow.

With an in-depth understanding of what the world is, what it has and what it will become, The Kingdom College launches KASS – Kingdom Academy of Special Skills.

KASS gives any individual, whether a student, working professional, or a part-timer, the skills to equip them to either learn a new skill, up-skill their existing skills or learn a new craft to supplement their income.

Grab hold of this opportunity and make complete use of our infrastructure and expertise; equip yourself to take on any challenge.

Enroll now and be a leader of your own path tomorrow!!

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