In the Ancient Education Systems, an individual was always trained in all the dimensions of becoming a complete human being, be it the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and the spiritual levels. THE KINGDOM COLLEGE believes that the need of today is such an education system that not only imparts knowledge but also works on developing skills, attitudes and emotional maturity which are needed to face the ups and downs of life.

15-17 years are the most formative years of an individual to develop into leaders, into people of strong character, into visionaries. It is in these years that the mind dares to dream and ask “Why not?” and the heart wants to feel “I can”. An age filled with extraordinary potential and energy to create their lives, only if they can get the guidance and be trained in a holistic way. There is nothing that can stop them. This will in turn create a new dimension in the society.

Academics alone can never create ‘Leaders’. Leadership requires personality, courage, a very strong mind and will power; it requires skill to communicate in an effective and empowering manner. To lead, one needs to understand not only the intricacies of the goals but also the intellectual and emotional status of the people and eventually will achieve their goals. Thus, our aim at TKC is to develop Brilliant Academic Competence (IQ – Intellectual quotient of a person) imparted by the best Professionals along with strengthening the Feeling Domain of the Life (EQ – Emotional Quotient – the missing link in the current education system). The right blend of IQ & EQ helps our students to create what they alone, can become in their lifetime. At “THE KINGDOM COLLEGE”” we are committed to create the very needed Leaders and Visionaries of Tomorrow.


Education is to the mind, and to a large extent now it’s only educating the students with many subjects. Education is continuously teaching the mind of the students in their formative years (5 years to 20/21 years) of growing up. Immediately after, they are declared as adults, left alone to find a job, start something on their own or to face the world. Very strange but the truth is – for us to face anything in this world, to either empower it or enjoy it, we need the strength of our feelings.


We never say , ‘ Think Courageously ‘; ‘ Think Confident ‘; ‘ Think Happy ‘; ‘ Think Love ‘;  ‘ Think Devotion ‘;
Rather we always say , ‘ Feel Courageous ‘;  ‘ Feel Confident ‘;  ‘ Feel Happy ‘; ‘ Feel Love ‘; ‘ Feel Devotion ‘; 

Educated Mind + Emotional Balance
A Complete Student in a Complete College, called TKC!

AT TKC we understand this best

Personality is not about how you look but how you feel. It’s all about training our emotions.
For example: Along with the powerful mind, we need the positive emotions of Courage, Confidence, Happiness, Focus, Expressions, Honesty, Respect, Will Power, Clarity, etc. and of course overcoming the negative emotions like Fear, Anger, Distractions.

Yes! When the mind and the heart are taught together everything seems possible! When right emotions fuel the mind, every dream can be achieved.



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