” If you only want Education then any college is ok but if you are looking for Education (IQ) along with Personality (EQ) to be a Success then The Kingdom College is the best choice. “


Innovation that excites

In the Ancient Education Systems, an individual was always trained in all the dimensions of becoming a complete human being, be it the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and the spiritual levels. THE KINGDOM COLLEGE believes that the need of today is such an education system that not only imparts knowledge but also works on developing skills, attitudes and emotional maturity which are needed to face the ups and downs of life.

15-17 years are the most formative years of an individual to develop into leaders, into people of strong character, into visionaries. It is in these years that the mind dares to dream and ask “Why not?” and the heart wants to feel “I can”. An age filled with extraordinary potential and energy to create their lives, only if they can get the guidance and be trained in a holistic way. There is nothing that can stop them. This will in turn create a new dimension in the society.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ);

Intelligence Quotient, or IQ is a measurement of a person’s intelligence and is expressed as a number. An IQ test does not measure intelligence the way a ruler measures height, but rather the way a race measures speed. Research shows that general intelligence plays a very important role in many parts of life’s outcomes. In addition to academic success, IQ correlates with job performance, socioeconomic advancement and social pathology. It boils down to how quickly one can pick up and assimilate new information, and understand more complex topics.

Emotional Quotient (EQ);

EQ (Emotional Quotient) is my ability to respond better than anyone in any given situation. The Kingdom College is the only one of a kind college that teaches EQ in the most practical ways to the students and prepares them for life along with academic examinations. EQ not only helps the students in developing soft skills but also those hardcore strengths that are required to face day to day life and uncertainties of future. Harvard Business Review “Emotional intelligence is a key differentiator between star performers and the rest of the pack, is irrefutable.” (*as seen on EQ sessions are exclusively designed and executed by Dr. DEEPAK SHINDE, who is an expert in EQ Development with 17/20 years of practical experiences with people of age bracket between 7 & 70 years.


Deepak’s the Inspiration – a name synonymous to the world for transforming lives.

Deepak’s experience of over 20 years in Transforming lives of people, with varied behaviour from the age bracket 7 to 70 years has made him a phenomenon in the field of Human Development. Very few people in this world have accomplished this at an age like his.

His prowess lies in his ability to inspire and lift people to great heights in small time frames and help them achieve what they never thought they could. Unlike other coaches, Deepak’s programs are more like rock concerts, where not only his wisdom enlightens but also is uniquely entertaining. His teachings are raw, and are delivered straight from the heart, which goes straight into the listeners’ hearts.

The Principal message

A warm welcome and happy time to all!

We all know that globalisation, technological development and scientific research have impacted our daily lives. The fast changing world and progressive society has become quite vibrant and is unavoidable. There is a dire need to be geared up for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges greater than ever before. It becomes the responsibility for the Educational Institutions to design and guide today’s youth to be competent and contribute to the progress of the nation. 

The Kingdom College is one such Educational Institution that is committed to promote holistic development in every student keeping in mind their unique strength, talent, and dream. At TKC, we believe a right environment and proper guidance can bring the best out of the students to create their future. 

Our facilities


When one thinks of the best citi When one thinks of the best cities in India each one has their own favorite. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai are some that have always been hot favorites as they always had two or three qualities that people felt made it better than the rest. But there has always been one city that has had the best of each city mixed into one and that is Namma Bengaluru or Bangalore.

Job Opportunity
Bangalore city has always had its proud tag of being called the Silicon Valley of India. IT Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Finance Companies and more always set up offices, Manufacturing units and warehouses in this city as they have the infrastructure as well as the best workforce that can compete with even some of the most developed cities in the world. Bangalore is one of the top Indian cities to have a high inflow of people coming in not only from India but also from different countries across the world.

The Weather
You don’t call Bangalore the Garden City for nothing. The most influential factor for the inflow of people into the city has been its beautiful weather. Even during the harshest summers that have plagued India, Bangalore has always been just a bit more comfortable. The days are sunny and warm while the nights offer a cool and refreshing chill that makes the stay in the city that much better. Another factor is that you will never experience humid days of your life here. That is why you see Bangalore always active at any time of the day or night as the weather makes it all the more perfect to step out with friends or family.

It’s People
A recent survey projects that 40% of the people in Bangalore are between the ages of 20 to 35. This part of society has shaped the city’s image to be one that has a clear thought process, an intense focus on career and willingness to lead a hip and fashionable lifestyle. If you are a young student or working professional who is planning to start a life in a new city then Bangalore is the ideal place for you. Add to that the thriving restaurants that cover just about every major part of the city, you have a city that gives you whatever you need no matter the hour. The multicultural citizens that live here have opened up the F&B industry to cater to all segments thus making you feel like you never left home. You will be spoilt for choice of the types of cuisines that are available in Bangalore.

Karnataka is considered to be one of the most prominent knowledge states in India. It boasts of national-level institutions in almost every sector such as Science, Technology, Art, Health, Management, Law, Education, Social Science Institutions such as IIM, IISc, IIIT, TIFR, National Law School, NIMHANS, ISEC, RIE Mysore, Regional Institute of English are present in Karnataka. So students looking for quality education do need to look any further than Karnataka.

One factor that has always been on the minds of people who look to move elsewhere to start their careers or pursue education has been the safety of the destination. Bangalore has always been one of the safest cities in India, especially for women. For those working late there are always cabs available no matter the hour so getting back home is never an issue. There are always policemen around who patrol the streets 24/7 to keep a check on most of the residential and commercial areas. So if you are a student or a working professional Bangalore will protect you just like parents protecting their children.

The Kingdom College
The Kingdom College, founded in 2016 by Mr. Deepak Shinde, as a PU College, has emerged as a unique institution progressing towards unprecedented heights. The college provides a blend of resources and environment for an all-round personality development of its students. Its goals are in consonance with the fact that national economic, pure science and commercial relations are becoming so closely interdependent that meaningful vital changes are being introduced with academic curriculum in the centers of higher learning along with the concept of Life Skills and Emotional Quotient.

The college possesses modern infrastructure including spacious classrooms, sprawling grounds (Sports Authority of India), a well-equipped library, highly sophisticated computer labs, seminar hall and conference room. Apart from academic excellence, the thrust is also on personality development and group dynamism for which sports facilities being equipped.

Unique teaching methodologies
Following are the unique Teaching Strategies used in The Kingdom college by all the teachers.

1. Teacher Clarity
When a teacher begins a new unit of study or project with students, He/she clarifies the purpose and learning goals and provides explicit criteria on how students can be successful. It’s ideal to also present models or examples to students so they can see what the end product looks like.

2. Classroom Discussion
Teachers need to frequently step offstage and facilitate entire class discussion. This allows students to learn from each other. It’s also a great opportunity for teachers to formatively assess (through observation) how well students are grasping new content and concepts.

3. Feedback
How do learners know they are moving forward without steady, consistent feedback? They often won’t. Along with individual feedback (written or verbal), teachers need to provide whole-group feedback on patterns they see in the collective class’ growth and areas of need. Students also need to be given opportunities to provide feedback to the teacher so that she can adjust the learning process, materials, and instruction accordingly.

4. Formative Assessments
In order to provide students with effective and accurate feedback, teachers need to assess frequently and routinely where students are in relation to the unit of study’s learning goals or end product (summative assessment). Hattie recommends that teachers spend the same amount of time on formative evaluation as they do on summative assessment.

5. Metacognitive Strategies
Students are given opportunities to plan and organize, monitor their own work, direct their own learning, and to self-reflect along the way. When we provide students with time and space to be aware of their own knowledge and their own thinking, student ownership increases. And research shows that metacognition can be taught.

Advantages of perusing course in The Kingdom college.
1. Value-added entrepreneur development program(EDP) for Degree and EQ (Emotional Quotient) Classes for PUC.

2. Internship for interested and eligible students with an average stipend of 4,000 Rs per month.
3. A student studied in the kingdom college will be able to achieve 3 certificates by the time they complete their degree course (Degree certificate +EDP certificate + Internship certificate)
4. Practically a student can learn lots of corporate activities in the classroom
5. Business-related decision-making knowledge and skill development
6. Live corporate house and factory visit for learning activities
7. Students will be able to grow leadership talent and skill
8. Learning to apply quick decision making at the right time.

KASS – Kingdom Academy of Special Skills
According to the 2011 census, 41% of the population is below the 20 years age mark. About another 40% is between 20 to 35 age group. Of this group only 2% of the workforce is skilled. Other countries such as South Korea, China, USA, and Germany have a skilled work-force of 96%, 45%, 50-55% and 74% respectively. India has been focused only on creating a system where its workforce Highly Educated but have neglected the Employability Quotient.

The Kingdom College has taken upon itself to shift the mindset that focuses on Skill rather than just Education. With that in mind, The Kingdom College is happy to launch KASS – Kingdom Academy of Special Skills.

KASS not only focuses on just the Technical Skills that is needed in the world but also Management and Leadership Skills. This makes any individual who takes the course equipped with the all he/she needs to succeed in any environment they are in.

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