In a world where every institution is engaged in teaching Entrepreneurship, here is an institution that develops an Entrepreneur as a whole along with teaching them with Entrepreneurship & Business as a subject. Without creating a strong Entrepreneur one cannot create a strong & serial businesses.

DEEPAK SHINDE:- with over 15yrs of industry experience in coaching business houses across the country understands the need of skilled Entrepreneurs with great work attitudes & ethics for today’s world. EDP(Entrepreneur Development Program) along with 3yrs paid internship and practical training is his brainchild. EDP will be exclusively conducted & executed by him and his team of industry experts. The Kingdom College strongly believes that any Degree holder of their college with EDP & internship experience will have an edge over anyone else at their level of education. In course of time the best in the industry will look towards The Kingdom College for great and trained human resources. The Kingdom College will suffice the need of the industry from now onwards.

Our Recruiter and Internship Opportunity

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Admission Now Open for Academic Year 2023 - 24